Fast Commuters:
Any bike will be OK for getting to work, but if you have a longish ride in from the suburbs or live in the city and need to get to work without building too much of a sweat, then a straight bar commuter bike is for you. Designs are sleek and lightweight and often have bigger batteries and faster motors such as Bosch’s Performance Line Speed drive unit. They’ll get you through busy streets with ease and leave you looking ready for work when you arrive. German brand Canyon have nailed this one with their Roadlite:EON – a brilliantly stylish machine which weighs under 15kg so easy on the arms if you have to carry it upstairs at the office or home. Or check out the uber-cool offerings from Ampler with their Curt model or the new RANGE from Brit brand Kinesis.

Welcome to the fold:
You also have the option of a foldable compact bike for hassle-free public local transportation or trips in the car. Train commuters can enjoy the best of both worlds with speedy journeys to and from the station, but whilst on the train the bikes can be folded and stowed away from other passengers. Options vary from the ground-breaking GoCycle, created by ex-Maclaren designer Richard Thorpe, through to retro with Raleigh’s reworking of a classic with their Stow-E-Way. But MiRiDER, Brompton, MATE, Tern and Eovolt all offer superb alternatives and for anyone seeking the lightest folding bike on the market then look no further than the Hummingbird which has the added benefit of being endlessly customisable so you can order a bike that’s unique to you.

Vanmoof Electrified S2

Dutch brand Vanmoof has raised the bar in its technical commuter, with innovative security and accessibility functions, paired with a smart, clean looking design. A clever handlebar-mounted button allows for on-demand acceleration at your fingertips, while its tamper detection, stealth lock and ear-splitting alarm make sure that this bike looks after itself when out of sight on the way to and from your destination.


Ampler Stout

Estonian brand Ampler set about developing a solution to the urban commuting problem with their range of city-smart bikes that combine performance and aesthetics. The Ampler Stout is one of three models in their electric range, offering a traditional aluminium frame with a 10-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain. 


Gocycle GXi

Gocycle has been making waves in the electric bike industry for over 10 years, going back to their original G1 model. Fast forward to 2020 and the British brand is showcasing their latest innovation at the show – the new fast-folding GXi. With the award-winning features and technology of the popular G3 model, the GXi comes with an upgraded 375Wh battery, electronic Predictive Shifting which cleverly shifts automatically when you slow down and a LED daytime running light (DRL) – all in a clean, seamless, cable-free, aesthetically pleasing design reminiscent of Gocycle.


Ridgeback Arcus 2.0

The versatile second-generation Ridgeback Arcus is built around a sturdy, aluminium lightweight frame paired with a 63mm travel suspension fork ensuring a comfortable ride over varied terrain, meaning you can take the off-road footpath on your commute. Equipped with a bottom bracket mounted Sportdrive MD250S drive unit offering 250w of power assist, the Arcus 2 comes complete with full-length mudguards, pannier rack and lights to make a true modern urban utility bike.


Canyon Roadlite:ON AL 8.0

Canyon’s commuter range has always impressed and turned heads, and their latest electric model – the Roadlite:ON – is no different. Falling into Canyon’s fitness category, but easily adept at handling the city streets, the flat-bar Roadline is built on an aluminium frame with an integrated Fazua Evation electric drive system boasting three power settings for an added 125, 250 or 400W at the push of a button. 

Complementing an impressive build is Shimano’s new 12-speed XT groupset, hydraulic disc brakes and a one-piece carbon cockpit.


Quella Imperial 

This British brand is known for their stripped-down, uncluttered styling and classic steel frames, but they’ve now entered the world of electric with their latest bike – ‘Quella Kinetic’. The model maintains all its inherent qualities whilst delivering a 250 watt pedal-assist motor within a sleek Zehus Generation II rear hub. This unique hub comprises the battery and the motor in a single chrome-finished unit without the need for any cabling or bulky external battery pack, at first glance the silhouette is barely distinguishable from Quella’s trademark look but a closer look reveals the smart rear hub that hides a powerful secret.