Leisure Electric Bikes


Traditional = Sit up and Beg = Comfort bikes:
For anyone who may have been away from cycling for a while, there are a wealth of traditionally designed city bikes that are easy to get on and off and have a more upright and relaxed riding position. If you’ve visited Holland, Germany and Belgium recently you can’t help but spot all the people out enjoying the fresh air on just these sorts of bikes in those countries. The drive system is located in the middle of the bike around the chain ring so they are well balanced with a favourable centre of gravity. There are no frills, functional bikes that are perfect for caravanners and retirees wanting some exercise on an occasional ride along the towpath. Both give the freedom to explore the countryside on the many dedicated cycle routes that are maintained by organisations such as Sustrans and Cycling UK.  You’re spoilt for choice here with fantastic bikes from Ridgeback, Raleigh, Trek, Forme, Cube and many more.

Urban Stylist:
Aimed at city or town based riders, but just as happy on jaunts to the country for a pub lunch, these bikes have a more contemporary design and funky twists. Many like the Cannondale Treadwell NEO have nice additions with oversized tyres for a cool LA beach cruiser look, plus functional touches such as integrated racking and lights. They also come with the option of linking to their App which tells you how far you’re riding, average speed and even lets you know when it’s time for a service. There are plenty of smaller bike companies that offer an interesting wrinkle to your buying options including Quella who’s electric rear wheel hub comes fitted to their range of fixie bikes without sacrificing anything on aesthetics. Cowboy, Riese & Muller, Benno, Veloe and Vanmoof are just some of the other hard-to-find brands that offer eBike efficiency without compromising on style.

Urban Stylist +1:
Cargo bikes have become a regular sighting in our cities either for commercial business needing to make speedy deliveries or for parents with young families who want to take advantage of all the new cycle paths in London and elsewhere. For the stylish urbanite, there are plenty of eCargo bikes available from the likes of Ridgeback and Iceni – perfect for inner city transport if you have loads to move or children with you. 
 or children with yo

Ridgeback Electron

British brand Ridgeback have been making high-quality leisure, commuter and children’s bikes since 1983 and their recent eBikes have seamlessly integrated tech into their designs including this elegant Electron which comes dripping with Shimano kit and a great price too at £1899.99.

Raleigh Stow-E-Way

An iconic brand and an iconic bike, Raleigh have updated the go-to choice for carvanners, day trippers, and anyone wanting a small compact bike, but not wanting to forego quality. Still designing great bikes in Nottingham, Raleigh have been a leader of the eBike boom for over a decade.

Ridgeback Electron
Raleigh Stow Away

Cannondale Treadwell NEO

Often seen as a brand for MTBers and road cyclists, the N American bike company has shown it can do brilliant, funky, any day bikes too. Fun and light to zip around town for running errands, meeting friends or weekend day trips.

Forme Morley

Another UK brand that’s quickly building a reputation for great bikes at great prices. Perfectly designed for British riding either on trips to the shops or for runs along the tow path for picnics and enjoying the countryside. 

Forme Morley 700 Side