Why Exhibit?


Electric bikes are the fastest growing sector of the cycle market and interest in eBikes has never been bigger. They appeal to an extremely broad demographic and the London eBike Festival will attract not only existing cyclists looking at alternatives to their current riding options, but also leisure riders and a new-to-cycling audience, both which are very hard to reach via traditional marketing channels. Immediate Media’s titles and websites provide access to many millions of consumers across multiple interests to maximise the reach to every type of eBike customer in the UK.

All the major bike companies have added eBikes to their product ranges in recent years and many of these brands have already signed up to the London eBike Festival. This is your chance to engage with a national audience that is already receptive to eBikes as well as all the urban cyclists who’ve recently taken up riding either to get to and from work or for leisure.┬áThe venue is a recreational destination for many Londoners and as well as boasting great facilities, plentiful parking, and panoramic views across the capital, it also uniquely offers superb terrain to test bikes.